Wonderful Holiday

About us

「Wonderful Holiday」the business philosophy is "adhere to the best service quality and uphold the principle of good faith management, pursue sustainable business objectives", perfect design and planning, so that all customers Can share the benefits under the best quality service.

Service philosophy

Establish a good company image with the concept of "honesty and sustainable management" and provide quality services to enhance the quality of tourism.

Product design

  1. Product diversification, in response to different travel conditions and market needs.
  2. In addition to the development of “quantity”, we attach more importance to the improvement of “quality” and establish brand reputation.
  3. Inject new ideas into old products and conduct in-depth market research to develop new products that meet market needs.
  4. Chartered car by self-directed travel, 9-seat car (6 people are recommended for comfortable ride).

Professional project

Inbound tourist services for foreign travelers, Family gatherings, Self-directed travel, Business travel, Employee benefit tour groups, and supporting MICE events.


  1. Quality assured: We do not pursue huge profits, do not chase low-price bids, do not win by price, but strive for the highest quality with reasonable profits.
  2. Professional care: With years of experience and experience for different groups, we are committed to providing you with the most comfortable, reasonable and affordable arrangements for your travelers, regardless of the itinerary design, hotel selection or guided tour.
  3. Legal peace of mind: We are a member of the Tourism Quality Assurance Association of the Republic of China. Through contract liability insurance, you can travel safely and go home safely.
  4. Responsible and careful: From the pre-department operations and professional tour guides to the group service, to the satisfaction opinion survey, strictly control each link, hope that our friendly service and careful arrangement, let the passengers leave the wonderful value for money.

Customized Tour